AUGENHÖHE workshop on decision-making concepts, Malmö, Sweden

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Twenty years from now, looking back, we will see that we were in the middle of a major shift. A shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world. Leading in these increasingly complex times requires different approaches and methods than the ones we know, and a fundamentally different look on what leadership means.


One key aspect of organizations for the 21st century is decision-making. The fundamental processes of how decisions are made and how decision-making power is distributed need to be addressed.


What you get:

In this AUGENHÖHE workshop

You find clarity and individual, tailor-made decision-making concepts suitable for your organization to be able to navigate the fast-pace and complex environment.
You get an awareness of which different decision-making techniques exist, from consultative decisions to group consent, and in which situations they are most beneficially applied.
In an engaging workshop we will together explore the strengths and weaknesses of each concept.
You will also understand what conditions are calling for which decision-making technique.
Through interactive facilitation you will practice the different techniques, if you want, even on your own examples.
Together we will reflect and learn from the observed experiences.


Your hosts:

Daniel Trebien will share his practical knowledge that he gained from portraying forward thinking organizations in the AUGENHÖHE film as well as from his own background as strategy consultant and interim manager. He faced the ambiguity of bringing inspiring insights to the existing structures. Daniel will share his learnings from managing this challenging balancing act. He believes that there is no one solution that fits in all contexts, but rather that every situation requires an individual assessment and exploring together how a perfect decision-making solution can be created. Getting these fundamentals in order enables working on AUGENHÖHE, on equal footing.


Jens Rinnelt is hosting and facilitating the event. From his own work experiences he knows how limiting too rigid structures can be, but also how challenging it is to make decisions in an plain open space. With HumanBusiness he is on the mission to make business human and put the human well-being into the center of business activities. His work is grounded in systems theory and strives for social sustainable workplaces. With his facilitations skills he provides people spaces to engage and be their authentic self, enabling them to create human-centric workplaces themselves.


For whom: 

Managers, CEO’s, Senior Consultants or Executive Coaches

The workshop is right for you, if you

are tired of lengthy discussions in meetings
feel that progress could be made faster, if only there was a way to get everyone on board
are overwhelmed by the decisions to take
suffer under the pressure of making ‚the right‘ choice
want to involve others in the decision-making process
and create a socially sustainable work environment on AUGENHÖHE, equal footing.



Friday, 9. November, 8.00 – 12.00



Norra Vallgatan 90, 211 22 Malmö (Ecomatic office)


What does it cost: 

The AUGENHÖHE workshop costs 395 € / 3950 SEK (excl. VAT).


(The evening before, Thursday 8th of November, we host an AUGENHÖHE screening & dialogue session, where we show the AUGENHÖHE film and reflect together on how the shown examples can lead to concrete implementation for your work or organization. The two events are separate, but the screening session on Thursday will provide a foundation for the in-depth exploration of decision-making concepts on Friday. If you buy both events as a bundle you will get a discount of 55 € / 550 SEK. You can can use the discount code ‚combo‘ when purchasing this workshop. Please notice, that you need to buy the AUGENHÖHE screening & dialogue session separately as well then.)



Register your seat for the AUGENHÖHE workshop



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AUGENHÖHE – showing and strengthening vitality in organizations


HumanBusiness – making business human (


Emprogage – working for what is Best FOR the world, by intentionally choosing Empathy, Proactivity and Engagement (


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