AUGENHÖHE film Screening & Dialogue, Malmö, Sweden

November 8, 2018 um 18:00 – 21:30
Norra Vallgatan 90
211 22 Malmö

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The first AUGENHÖHE film screening in Sweden!  




Twenty years from now, looking back, we will see that we were in the middle of a major shift. A shift from becoming best in the world to be best for the world. Leading in these increasingly complex times requires different approaches and methods than the ones we know, and a fundamentally different look on what leadership means. The AUGENHÖHE team has been portraying organizations that are already taking the first steps into this new territory, including EnBW, Saint Gobain or Unilever, providing us an idea of how such leadership can look like and what is needed to adapt the skills and mindset for such leadership. Here is a trailer of the AUGENHÖHE film .



Screening of AUGENHÖHE (engl. on equal footing) movie, including a facilitated discussion around the topics of Leadership, Innovation, Awareness based culture, Organizational structure, and Decentralized decision-making, and Q+A with one of the producers, Daniel Trebien.

(The spoken language of the film is mostly German, but there are English subtitles. The workshop language is English. ) 


What you get:

Inspiring insights into alternative ways of working, that are engaging, create employee well-being, commitment and business resilience
Leading examples of organizations across company size, sector and industry
In-depth exploration of a topic that is relevant to you (you can choose one)

Awareness based culture
Organizational structure
Decentralized decision-making

Reflection on how the examples shown apply to your own situation and organization
Concrete crowdsourced take-aways for the challenges that you bring
Networking with like-minded people that face similar challenges
Finger food and drinks


For whom: 

Managers, CEO’s, Senior Consultants or Executive Coaches


The workshop is for you, if you

want to work on equal footing
care about employee well-being
want to create freedom, engagement and happiness at work
are curious about how to lead your organization in complex times
want to create a socially sustainable work environment


Your hosts:

Daniel Trebien is one of the producers of the AUGENHÖHE film and has been part of the core team from the beginning. He is the man behind the camera and has so experienced all interviews and shootings. Daniel will provide behind the scenes insights, talk about the motivation and story behind the film as well as one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in Germany.


Jens Rinnelt is the driving force behind HumanBusiness with the mission to create awareness of the way working and creating spaces to collectively explore alternatives to it. In his previous jobs he experienced how depressive and disengaging the industrial way of organizing work can be, which is why he is determined to shape the way of working that is needed for the 21st century. Jens will facilitate the evening and create an engaging and trustful atmosphere.  



Thursday, 8. November, 18.00 – 21.30   



Norra Vallgatan 90, 211 22 Malmö, Sweden (Ecomatic office) 


What does it cost: 

90 € / 900 SEK (excl. VAT)


(On Friday, 9th of November, we will host an AUGENHÖHE workshop on different decision-making techniques and explore together in which contexts to use which method. Participants will have the opportunity to practice decision-making techniques, ranging from consultative decisions to consensus group decisions, on their own contexts. If you buy the screening and the workshop as a bundle, you save 55 € / 550 SEK. Read more about the AUGENHÖHE workshop on decision-making.)



Register your seat for the AUGENHÖHE screening 

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AUGENHÖHE – showing and strengthening vitality in organizations 


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Emprogage – working for what is Best FOR the world, by intentionally choosing Empathy, Proactivity and Engagement  (

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