We are a core team of five people

AUGENHÖHE core team

From left to right: Philipp Hansen, Ulf Brandes, Daniel Trebien, Silke Luinstra, Sven Franke

Daniel Trebien (32) already worked during his business economics studies as a journalist and video photographer. He currently works as a systemically trained business consultant and strengthens strategy and change processes in international companies, organisations and research networks by using video as a medium

Philipp Hansen (25) is interested in interactive event formats, which enable all participants to learn together. He studied economic and social sciences and studied in his final thesis companies, who organise themselves without bosses and formal hierarchies.

Silke Luinstra (44) initiates and implements projects for new ways of working, such that people can full develop their talents and organisations reach their full potential. As a business school graduate, Silke received systemic training and is looking back at more than 20 years experience as a facilitator, consultant and trainer in human resources and organisational development.

Sven Franke (47) supports with his company Equity Change Management others companies and organization in the introduction of participatory principles. He is looking back at more than 17 years experience in project management, mentoring and leadership with a clear focus on participatory principles.

Ulf Brandes (45) develops as a trained physicist and behavioural economist participatory solutions for complex situations. He has more than 20 years experience as head of development and service designer in international corporations and start-ups and is working towards the goal that we learn again to work together in an empathetic and self-organised way.

On top of that, we received support from numerous people that contributed their texts, knowledge, feedback and ideas. You want to contribute as well to the AUGENHÖHE project? Get in contact with us through mail, phone calls, Facebook or twitter – and we will get back to you.

We are a virtual team that lives and works at various corners of Germany. The easiest and quickest way to contact us is through email under team [at] If you prefer to send us a letter, you can reach us under the following

mailing address:

trebien & partner consulting
Monbijouplatz 2,
10178 Berlin