Idea & project description

How it all began …

It all started at the 12. intrinsify!me Wevent in Berlin, Germany. During a session on 21st century values at the workplace, the idea was borne to explore this topic in a different format than words – through a film. During the preceding months, we had already discussed a lot what actually defines this “21st century spirit” and published a few thoughts on this before.

We originally envisioned only a short film of 3 minutes, which observes behaviour at work. But one idea lead to the other … and five of us followed it up and took it further with the help of a few active supporters.

First film shoots

6 weeks later, we all stood in the production facilities of allsafe JUNGFALK and filmed for 3 days. How did we get there? By making phone calls, countering initial scepticism through a convincing concept and meeting courageous people that were – together with us – open to face uncertainties.

A first trailer evolved out of this first film shoot which we showed in our communities. Their positive feedback encouraged us to continue the project. We visited Premium Cola and hhpberlin, interviewed a former executive of several DAX companies, Thomas Sattelberger, and published further material. The resonance was immense.

Film title

One word often appeared in our interviews: Augenhöhe. “Augenhöhe” literally translates to “eye level”, but is more used to express the relational aspect between people, that are “on an equal footing” and communicate with each other “as equals”.

Since “Augenhöhe” seemed to express well the 21st century spirit of work, that we wanted to capture, we made it the title of our film.


In parallel, we developed the idea to fund the project through crowd-funding. Involving a larger community fit well with the spirit of our project, and we also considered it a good opportunity to test the reaction of a larger audience to the project, which we now called “AUGENHÖHE – Film and Dialogue”. But we were also afraid that the project might still fail so we kept postponing the start of the crowd-funding campaign for quite a while.

But once we started it, the crowd-funding campaign took off and raised 52.155 EUR, which made it one of the most successful crowd-funding events in Germany in 2014. This was only possible through the support of a growing AUGENHÖHE community, which continued to further spread the project and the underlying idea even after the campaign.

More film shoots

Backed up with a sound funding, we continued the film shootings. We visited the sysTelios health centre and explored at adidas and Unilever what is possible also within large corporations.

Premiere and dialogue events

After countless hours in the cutting room, the big day finally came. Nearly 400 people celebrated the AUGENHÖHE première at the “Museum der Arbeit” (Museum of Work) in Hamburg, Germany. The participants engaged in conversations on new ways of working, talked to some of the interviewees in the film and made new contacts.

Since then, events are being organised under the title “AUGENHÖHE – Film and Dialogue” on a daily basis. These events take places in companies, schools, universities and at conferences. Participants reflect upon their own work, explore alternative models and initiate specific projects.

The number of events and people who engaged in these discussions already surpassed by far our wildest dreams. We are so excited and happy to see AUGENHÖHE resonate with so many people in these times.

Let’s continue to join forces and further shape the way we want to work together in the future.