AUGENHÖHE - Film and Dialogue

… inspiring conversations on new ways of working

Self-organisation, participatory leadership, transparency – these are some of the trends that are being discussed in the context of new ways of working.

Is this only a dream or mere theory? No! The film AUGENHÖHE shows companies and people that already live it today. AUGENHÖHE does not provide any recipes and success formulas, but wants to inspire everyone who wants to make a difference in their respective working environments.

With your help, AUGENHÖHE can be shown at many places: at your company, organisation, association, school, university, cinema – wherever you feel the impulse to show the film and initiate conversations on new ways of working.

Nearly 400 people took part in the première of “AUGENHÖHE – Film and Dialogue” on 30. January 2015 at the “Museum für Arbeit” (Museum of Work) in Hamburg, Germany. Since then, AUGENHÖHE events are being organized on a daily basis in Germany and neighbouring countries.

Supported by a large active community, AUGENHÖHE is continuing to inspire conversations on the future of work in a growing number of countries.

Join these conversations and become part of the AUGENHÖHE community.

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