Organise an AUGENHÖHE event

You would like to organise an AUGENHÖHE dialogue event yourself – maybe in your school, your company, your local community centre or in a cinema? The impact of the film can be enhanced if you provide opportunities for conversations after the film viewing (53 minutes), e.g. through a World Café.


Supporting material for your event

In order to support you with the preparation of your event, we have compiled the following documents as sources of inspirations for you

AUGENHÖHE event guidelines

Quotes from the film material (in German)


Support through local AUGENHÖHE contacts in your region

Many members of the AUGENHÖHE Community have volunteered to act as local AUGENHÖHE contacts and support local initiatives with ideas, networking and practical support. Check the overview map for local contacts in your neighborhood, which are marked as yellow hearts. A click on these yellow hearts will reveal their contact details and further information.

Overview map of local AUGENHÖHE contacts


Advertise your AUGENHÖHE event

In order to advertise your AUGENHÖHE event, you are welcome to use the logos and pictures under Press materials or download the official film posters for self-printing. You may also want to contact local journalist in your region.


Register your event in the event list

We invite all event organisers to register your event in our event list. To do so, you have to register first here. After the registration, you can login and enter all details of your event in a form. Your event will be online shortly after approval by one of the administrators.

Initial registration as an event organizer (required)

Register your event (in German)


Modify your event

Once you received a user account, you can login to our website and modify your description of the event. Your modification will be online shortly after approval by an administrator.

Modify your event


Please observe the conditions of the Creative Commons License

The AUGENHÖHE film is made available under the Creative Commons license CC BY-NC-SA: Attribution – NonCommercial – ShareAlike. This means that the film is free for all non-commercial purposes. If you plan to charge the participants for an AUGENHÖHE event, we ask to apply the principle “Pay what you think is right”. We rely on your fairness and will not control this.

If you would like to use the film for other commercial activities (e.g. for internal viewings, customer events or for workshops), you can buy a suitable license from us.